Sunday, 16 December 2012

Muisbosskerm - LEKKER

We were fortunate to visit the Muisbosskerm last night, with the brother and in-law-sister-to-be!
This is the original and first open air restaurant in South Africa...  All the dishes are prepared on open fires in front of the guests.  The number one and only rule: EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE!

The menu


Traditional West Coast Bokkoms
Sweetcorn and butter


Smoked Snoek
Angel Fish
White Stumpnose 
(All Char grilled)
Deep fried hake

Seafood Paella 
Springbok Potjie
Cinnamon Sweet Potato 
Baked potato crisps
Green salad
Fresh clay oven baked sourdough bread 
with green fig preserve, apricot jam and



We say: "YUMMY"

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Santa Shell Project

We've been up to a few family Christmas Projects this year and have been savouring all of them!

The Santa Shell Project was one of the ideas we've been inspired by while on our day trip to Cape Town for Nikah's birthday.

We went to the beach last Thursday as we had another scorcher!
And collected a few shells, we hand painted them to decorate our front porch and possible travelling Christmas tree.

We are celebrating our first of many Christmas dinners this Saturday, so we decorated accordingly.

They are super easy to make and gives an unexpected festive twist, to what could be a rather expensive affair.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Nikah Says:.....

Aan tafel gisteraand gesels ek met Eugene, sy sê so ewe vir my: "Mamma nie praatie, mamma eet!"

Vanoggend toe sy my wakker maak, kom lê sy styf met haar koppie langs myne en sê: "Mamma, Nikah lief baie!" Wow, seker die mooiste ding wat enige ouer ooit kan hoor!

En die heel beste...

Net nou stap sy heel ontsteld die kamer binne met ietsie in die hand en sê: "Stoute dorin, Nikah byt het."

Ooh, ons love jou Sooo BAIE!!!

Stamping all the way to Potato Land

Since we live right in the middle of the largest Potato producing region of our country, 'Die Sandveld', we only saw fit to use this amazingly versatile veggie for something other than mashed-potato! 

We've printed on all sorts of mediums, napkins, t-shirts, cardboard packaging tags...  All you'll need is a few potatoes cut in a perfect half, (it should be an entirely flat surface).  Some sort of carving knife, reference material, a paintbrush and fabric paint if you are planning on stamping on anything wearable , or washable!

A few Christmas boxes is definitely going to be filled with some of this AWESOMENESS...

Keep your eyes peeled for a few other handmade Christmas goodies, we've been up to!

More posts on final products coming soon!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Second Bithday Part I

We've been away from home for a month!
Thus, way-far-behind in posts, but we'll try to make up as the year comes to an end...

Our little girl turned two, while we've been away, so there wasn't a major 'opskop' like we held on her first year.  But we had so much fun, being at the beach, baking her Fishy cake, going to the aquarium, having friends over for dinner, and giving her presents a whole week long, with that I think we made up for all off it!

Inspired by the beautiful coastline of SA!


Sift together 350g cake flour, 300g sugar, 1tsp cacao and 1tsp salt.
Blend together 1cup buttermilk, 1tsp bicarbonate of soda, 2 eggs at room temperature, 375ml of oil, 1tsp vinegar, 25ml red food colouring and 1tsp vanilla essence.
Combine with Flour mixture to form a dough, cast in three prepared individual 18cm diameter round baking tins, bake for 40min at 180 degrees Celsius.


Mix together 250g cream cheese, 250g butter at room temperature, 2cups icing sugar and 1tsp vanilla essence.

Spread in between to layers of cake and cover the top.

For our aquatic friend, we placed two circular layers on top of each other, sliced it in half leaving a strip of approximately 6cm to form a rectangle through the center of the circle.  Then we iced the two halves back together, cut four triangles from the rectangular piece and used them for the fins.  Decorations were smarties, waver biscuits with a marshmallow and shortcake tumble as the eye. 


Thursday, 11 October 2012

SUPER Balls - Toddler Entertainment

Did you know?

Quinoa is considered a complete protein because it has 8 essential amino acids, it is also higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates than most other grains.  It also provides a rich balanced source of vital nutrients!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Something rather personal

Before I even start to dot my thoughts down, to try and capture the memory, I would just like to say that every person on earth is unique, every situation is different and every individual has her own opinion, with regards to breastfeeding in particular, this is just my journey and I am so blessed to have had it continuing for so many months.

For future mothers this might be inspirational!

So just keep reading...

When I fell pregnant in March 2009, one of the first things that I was determined to do was to breastfeed, for at least six months   if I was fortunate enough too.  I've made the choice way before hand as I think it is a life changing experience, it was going to be challenging, and it was definitely going to affect the rest of my being. I knew that I was going to be a stay-at-home-mom so I guess all the thoughts of pumping etc didn't even cross my mind.

So let me start at the beginning, our baby girl was born on 23 November 2009.  Approximately 30minutes after her birth we had our first breastfeeding experience, little did I know it was the start of something so amazing and mind blowing I can't describe it in words! (see first image)

The breastfeeding nurses at the hospital was wonderful and really supportive, and even while I have to admit I am a very private and shy person, it was as if the mothering instinct kicked me right into fifth gear.  It was all buttons loose GO!

If I think back today, I know Nikah's latching was a little off at first, but nothing was going to stop me from perfecting this art.  When we went home I was confident I was going to make this thing work...

My milk supply was really something phenomenal, and let me just say, frozen cabbage leaves are not a 'ouvrou storie' it works magic for swollen, firing, gigantic breasts.  Every two and a half to three hours I would get up, rush to the bathroom as I felt the pins-and-needles setting in, and milk would just stream out into the basin.  We thought of donating some, but it stabilized after a few weeks.  At my two week Gynecologist appointment my nipples were wrecked.  It bled for a few days with every feed... I started doubting my choices, luckily she assured me that it was quite normal and would heal in time.  I kept applying nipple cream after every feed, let them see some direct sunlight, and read up repeatedly on latching techniques, while clenching my teeth through the sessions.  

Nikah and I were most comfortable in the rugby-ball position.  This was actually changed a bit to her sitting mostly upright in front of the breast with the rest of her tiny body off to the side, it helped a lot with her swallowing, as she was fond of drinking very quickly and taking down a lot of wind.   We soon adapted to feeding anywhere, at first it was only on the bed where I felt relaxed but eventually we moved to the couch.  About three weeks after her birth we left for our end of year vacation, it was a really long road trip, so I sat with her in the backseat of the car and breastfed my way to the coast.

Soon a few weeks became two months, then four, when six months arrived we've managed to breastfeed exclusively without ever administrating a bottle of any sort or any other solid food.  Nikah started feeding every three to four hours, and we would just arrange our schedule accordingly.  

I noticed that on really hot days my initial milk would be just grey-water for quite sometime before the thicker creamy milk would come in, amazing how your body automatically adapts to your child's needs without you even lifting a thumb.

The best benefit I guess, is fresh milk at the right temperature with the exact nutrients required without the preparation, at any given moment of the day.  The downfall I suppose when you breastfeed exclusively without pumping or additional formula, is the fact that you do it all by yourself, and you become the sole 'provider' to this little person for a couple of months, luckily daddy can tap-in when the burping needs to start.

We've managed this routine anywhere and almost everywhere.  
I must admit, the car became my second home, it was just so easy to feed, burp and change the diaper at any given time, when we were out. For instance we would go shopping, I would return to the car in time for our feed, spend the next 30 to 45minutes in the car, and then just go back to whatever we were doing, it was almost as if hitting the pause button, but still get to have the closest ever bonding time you could ever ask for from a little child.

(This was on the beach in a little tent with some help, the wind was blowing like crazy, so I think it might not have been the best idea :) but we pulled it out of the hat)  Like I mention before, I am super private, so it was hard for me to breastfeed in public, I had to once in the Spur at OR Tambo International Airport, and more than once in a aircraft, but other than that and the beach, the car was my back-up buddy...

We started solids around 6 months, and carried on with breastfeeding six to seven times a day our schedule was:  Early morning feed 06:30am, Mid morning nap time feed 11:00am,  Lunch time feed 13:00pm, Afternoon nap time feed 15:00pm, Early evening feed 18:30pm, Night feed 22:00pm. (Sometimes we had a 3:00am feed)

Soon we hit her first birthday and there were just no reason for us to stop, up until this point she never had a runny nose, had no form of any sickness whatsoever.

Breastfeeding Nikah was just a solution to every possible fall, heartache or teething battle.  All tears usually vanished when we've spent those minutes together.

So we've breastfed and supplemented with solids until around thirteen months.  I then decided to replace the Lunch time feed with a growing up formula, directly out of a sippy-cup.  I am quite proud to say that my little girl up to this day has not put her lips to and drank from a standard bottle with a teat!  We started off slowly, as she didn't feel like it too often.

My plan was now to carry on feeding up to two years!

Nikah battled a few bugs around 18 months read about it, and this just made me realize that even with exclusive breastfeeding your not totally protected against the 'evils' out there ;)  I was determined to nurse her back to health and I am pretty sure that she would have been even more ill without it, as it becomes a soothing mechanism as well as the most balanced nutrition her body needs in extreme conditions.  Because she had a severe stomach bug she was only allowed small amounts of fluids throughout, the doctor suggested we gave her sips of water and black Rooibos tea with breast milk, nothing else, no formula no solids, that was it.

At twenty months I suddenly noticed a change in her drinking method, I could feel that she wasn't drinking because she was hungry or thirsty anymore, it was more just playing around for fun, and I realized that this was possibly signs of us reaching the end of our journey.  

This will probably be the last photo of us ever being this close and intimate.  We've adapted to the Madonna position when she grew taller, as there were just nowhere for her legs to go anymore behind me, than straight up the back off whatever I sat on!
She would now run off and bring me her feeding pillow anytime of the day, and demanded to be fed.  This was just too adorable.

We've started supplementing her fluid intake with Rooibos tea, diluted fruit juice and water during the day, so she would forget about feeding, except at night before bed, and the first thing she comes up with in the morning.

Our last feeds were not as gracious as the initial ones, as she got really annoyed with me trying to stop her while she is just fooling around and I felt no let-down reflex anymore.  She still asks for it at bedtime and in the morning, but we manage to settle her down with a sippy-cup of tea or growing up milk. 

Today marks the fourth day of me not breastfeeding at all for the last 22 months of my life, oh boy do I miss it already!

It has been such a remarkable experience and blessing for us to be able to let it consume our being for so long, a part of me already longs for that closeness and warmth.  I'll definitely except the challenge the second time around if we are yet again blessed to experience it!

Glory to our Creator, for designing us to be beings that can sustain the precious lives He place in our hands. 



Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nikah says...

Ek vra nou die dag toe die skoonouers hier kuier: "Nikah wie is jou oupas?" Sy sê so ewe: "Oupa Lobbie".  Ek vra toe en wie nog? Sy antwoord: "Daardie ander man." 

Nou die oggend in die bed kry ek'n onverwagte soen op my neus, wat toe gepaard gaan met 'n tand of wat.  Ek sê: "Eina! Dit
was seer." Sy sê toe: " Sollie mamma, sollie mamma."

Net nou stap sy by die kamer in met arms vol Telletubies gelaai, sê so by haarself:"Toema Tubies nie bang wees nie."

Opvreetbaar verby!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Friday, 31 August 2012

21 months of AWE!

I can't believe we are heading towards 24 months at lightening speed!
We had a 15 minute conversation with our little girl over dinner two nights ago.  It went something in the line of;

Nikah says:

'Mamma, sprinbo harpos vinnig (Swaai arm vinnig).  Sprinbo been steek, draad eina.
Sprinbo joep.  Baan hoog bo op berge(wys met gestrekte arm hoe hoog), Heidi harpos, oom boemi, huil, vee trane (hande wys hoe trane afgevee word).'

'Haai shame, waar het die oom geval?'  Heidi moet versigtig wees want sy hardloop altyd kaalvoet sy gaan dalk in dorings trap.'


'Dorin steek Heidi, Heidi KLEIN voetjies ('klein' met 'n baie hoë stemmetjie gesê met handjies teen die neus in 'n driehoek, skouertjies opgetrek), mamma Heidi KLEIN voetjies!

Baan roep, Hor-Ho, baan hoog op berge.  Emoes pik pik, (pik met handjie in die sy)

Mamma Heidi KLEIN voetjies, Heidi harpos.  

And it went on for minutes without end!
Wish I had the video camera hidden somewhere, it was absolutely priceless!    

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Last Weekend we decided to pick a bowl full of veldkool (wild asparagus) also known as varkslaai or hotnotskool around the West Coast.  It grows wild in the veld, around late winter and early spring their flower buds are ready to be picked.  (Be sure to pick them well before the first white flowers appear, as it then becomes inedible) 

As it is similar in texture to waterblomme, we've decided to use our waterblommetjiebredie recipe.
See this post

The basic ingredients you'll need is 
veldkool - 5 to 6 per person
lamb shin or neck - portions per person
atleast two onions
quartered potatoes
1/2 lemon + zest
chicken stock
salt & blackPEPPER

My taste buds was a little screwed because of the flu, but I am pretty sure there was a hint of figs coming through...
Don't know, forward your notes! 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Last Night

Oh what a heart racing episode!
We were watching some series in bed at around 22:00.
When all of a sudden we heard a fluttering/scratching sound on the door of our bedroom, opening onto the front porch!

The next thing we saw was a disorientated bat crisscrossing the room, like a crazy person! Diving low over our heads and then banging into the walls, dipping again and taking off, until it crash landed on our mosquito net... Climbing it like a monkey!

Hubby trying to be the hero, grabs a hat and covers it onto the net, from underneath you could see Mr Bat on a rampant crawling around in the hat.  A magazine won't slide in to block it off from the net, so he let it loose again, to my utter disgust of course! 

It takes off again to all the corners of the room and then tumbles down right above Nikah's head, whom is sleeping soundly next to our bed in her cot.  At this sight I totally lost it, and was jumping around threatening to hit it with a pillow, now squeezed onto my chest.

Mr Bat slowly emerged from behind the pillow and sat right there on the edge, looking around as if nothing in the world just went wrong.  (Approximately 8cm from my little girls head!) 

We opened the door and stared at Mr Bat in silence, hearts pounding, praying he would just leave in peace...
After a few seconds, he majestically flapped his black wings made a few circles and disappeared into the night - 

My body still shrieks just of the thought!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Majestic Babylonstoren

We had a pretty awesome mini road-trip yesterday,
to the spectacular Babylonstoren to say the least!

They were closed for the day, but still gave us a guide to show us around the premises, for a moment it felt like time stood still and we had this amazing farm all to ourselves.  These images are just a glimpse of what they have to offer.

It should definitely be a MUST SEE on your to do list if you were to visit the Franschoek area.  We are certainly making our way back there in the near future!