Monday, 20 August 2012

Last Night

Oh what a heart racing episode!
We were watching some series in bed at around 22:00.
When all of a sudden we heard a fluttering/scratching sound on the door of our bedroom, opening onto the front porch!

The next thing we saw was a disorientated bat crisscrossing the room, like a crazy person! Diving low over our heads and then banging into the walls, dipping again and taking off, until it crash landed on our mosquito net... Climbing it like a monkey!

Hubby trying to be the hero, grabs a hat and covers it onto the net, from underneath you could see Mr Bat on a rampant crawling around in the hat.  A magazine won't slide in to block it off from the net, so he let it loose again, to my utter disgust of course! 

It takes off again to all the corners of the room and then tumbles down right above Nikah's head, whom is sleeping soundly next to our bed in her cot.  At this sight I totally lost it, and was jumping around threatening to hit it with a pillow, now squeezed onto my chest.

Mr Bat slowly emerged from behind the pillow and sat right there on the edge, looking around as if nothing in the world just went wrong.  (Approximately 8cm from my little girls head!) 

We opened the door and stared at Mr Bat in silence, hearts pounding, praying he would just leave in peace...
After a few seconds, he majestically flapped his black wings made a few circles and disappeared into the night - 

My body still shrieks just of the thought!

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