Thursday, 23 August 2012


Last Weekend we decided to pick a bowl full of veldkool (wild asparagus) also known as varkslaai or hotnotskool around the West Coast.  It grows wild in the veld, around late winter and early spring their flower buds are ready to be picked.  (Be sure to pick them well before the first white flowers appear, as it then becomes inedible) 

As it is similar in texture to waterblomme, we've decided to use our waterblommetjiebredie recipe.
See this post

The basic ingredients you'll need is 
veldkool - 5 to 6 per person
lamb shin or neck - portions per person
atleast two onions
quartered potatoes
1/2 lemon + zest
chicken stock
salt & blackPEPPER

My taste buds was a little screwed because of the flu, but I am pretty sure there was a hint of figs coming through...
Don't know, forward your notes! 

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