Monday, 3 December 2012

Stamping all the way to Potato Land

Since we live right in the middle of the largest Potato producing region of our country, 'Die Sandveld', we only saw fit to use this amazingly versatile veggie for something other than mashed-potato! 

We've printed on all sorts of mediums, napkins, t-shirts, cardboard packaging tags...  All you'll need is a few potatoes cut in a perfect half, (it should be an entirely flat surface).  Some sort of carving knife, reference material, a paintbrush and fabric paint if you are planning on stamping on anything wearable , or washable!

A few Christmas boxes is definitely going to be filled with some of this AWESOMENESS...

Keep your eyes peeled for a few other handmade Christmas goodies, we've been up to!

More posts on final products coming soon!

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