Monday, 16 April 2012

A little out of nothing

For starters:  blackPEPPERcafe will celebrate its first anniversary on 18 April, thus the new birthday suit!!! YAY
Check in again on the 18th to grab a bite from the lovely birthday cupcakes we'll be serving!

Another milestone in our short lived farm lifestyle:
The renovation of our honeymoon suite.

The space was used for storage for sometime now, so we had to sort, chuck, clean, paint and decorate.
It is now ready to be utilized as our guest bedroom.

We've decided to paint the entire room and en-suite bathroom a crisp white.
Furnished it with a few antique pieces we've collected over the years, and kept it uncluttered and simple.
Just as we imagined our new life to be!

Another resolution ticked from our list!

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