Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oep ve Koep - Kobus vd Merwe

Yes, by now you should have seen this name somewhere...
He is the South African acclaimed chef, Kobus van der Merwe who runs a one man show at the quirky West Coast Garden Restaurant Oep ve Koep!

He is also the West Coast Restaurant Reviewer for the site Eat Out! And was featured in many magazines over the last few months...

We were there!  His service was exceptional, when we arrived the staff informed us that the Lunch menu was still being conjure up by Kobus, who later came to explain the ingredients and the details about each dish in person-  Wow!
Each dish is carefully constructed, one could hear him prepare it in his tiny kitchen, and the aromas, aawwh delicious!

Take the scenic drive to Paternoster, a mere 1 1/2 hours drive north of Cape Town on the R27, passing through Vredenburg, and explore this delightful gem yourself! 

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