Friday, 28 November 2014

"When we wished upon a fairy" - Jungle Tots Hermanus School Play

For the past few weeks we have actively been involved in the creation of the annual school play of Jungle Tots Hermanus 

The play was written by myself - LOL
"When we wished upon a fairy" came alive in the Grobbelaar Hall, Hermanus on a superb summer evening!  The play is about a little boy Jake and his best friend Jules who goes in search of mushrooms and fairies in the Autumn woods close to their home - They spot a lonely fairy, Light in the dark, and she leads the children to her magical world - Which is filled with season fairies, they love their seasonal Pixie dust tree, the season fairies has various talents which they show and sing about - This musical was light-hearted and loads of fun!

Enjoy the concert snapshots!

Decor & Table Setting

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Frozen 4th Birthday Party!

We celebrated our dearest Nikah's 4th Frozen Birthday Party on Friday! What a celebration it were! 

DIY Snowflakes - Tutorials on Pinterest!

The Birthday Cake was a Frozen castle Layered cake, 
build with 4 x squares,
3 x circles, covered in a marbled fondant icing with various intricate details!

Ice Sticks

Table setting

We served waffles with vanilla ice cream, which each guest could decorate with various treats from their ice bucket Trees

Masks, crowns and antlers  
Jelley Ice cubes

Frozen inspired activities:

An Ice Journal Colouring book as a thank you gift - 

Throw Olaf with snowballs!

Homemade Snow - Shaving Cream and Baking Soda

Glitter Play dough table

The chuft Birthday Girl

The aftermath

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hermanus, Matric Farewell 2014

This year it was my little brothers turn to have his matric farewell dance, well he is not so little anymore!  But I still remember driving him to school when he was Gr 1 - It was an absolute pleasure to spend the few hours capturing this momentous achievement - 

Eduard and Zani had a good time too! 

- Love you two -

Let us know what you think!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An Apron made with LOVE - Lèèf Magazine Competition Entry

My mom decided to enter the Lèèf Magazine "Wys jou hart" apron sewing competition!

The brief was to make an apron while using a heart shape as inspiration -

I think my mommy can feel super proud of this effort! Wow I count 15 hearts in total!

 There are a few awesome prizes up for grabs and the aprons gets auctioned off for charity!
She used chain stitches to hand embroid a beautiful phrase - On a nine patch heart shaped bodice.  This bib is sewn to a bigger heart forming the bottom part of the apron.

The Heart Pockets on the sides are Uneven Lock Cabin, with appliqued mini-hearts which are blanked stitched.

White Crochet hearts finish off the binding straps on the sides.

I am sure if I ask my mom nicely, she'll make you a similar version too! ;-)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A 4th Mermaid Birthday Party Part II - The way we do it in Hermanus!

So, last week we posted Eryn's Party - What you've seen was only the children section, today we have the adult version -

Starting with the Bubbly! Bon appétite -

Elzette entertained her guests to atmost perfection, she had something for every taste bud and diet! Including the ones on the'Bant-wagon'

Delectable fresh fruit!

Small treats for the sweet tooth -

Assorted cheeses, pairs with nothing better than preserved green figs!

Mini gourmet burgers with micro leaves!

And a chocolate cake, that was to die for, dark and juicy!

I am sure with the response Elzette received on our previous post, she is in for a roaring business! 

You can contact Elzette over here

PS (Thanks for my very awkward hug today - LOL
I definitely did not see Eryn behind me :-)) Joke of the year! haha