Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Frozen 4th Birthday Party!

We celebrated our dearest Nikah's 4th Frozen Birthday Party on Friday! What a celebration it were! 

DIY Snowflakes - Tutorials on Pinterest!

The Birthday Cake was a Frozen castle Layered cake, 
build with 4 x squares,
3 x circles, covered in a marbled fondant icing with various intricate details!

Ice Sticks

Table setting

We served waffles with vanilla ice cream, which each guest could decorate with various treats from their ice bucket Trees

Masks, crowns and antlers  
Jelley Ice cubes

Frozen inspired activities:

An Ice Journal Colouring book as a thank you gift - 

Throw Olaf with snowballs!

Homemade Snow - Shaving Cream and Baking Soda

Glitter Play dough table

The chuft Birthday Girl

The aftermath

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