Friday, 28 November 2014

"When we wished upon a fairy" - Jungle Tots Hermanus School Play

For the past few weeks we have actively been involved in the creation of the annual school play of Jungle Tots Hermanus 

The play was written by myself - LOL
"When we wished upon a fairy" came alive in the Grobbelaar Hall, Hermanus on a superb summer evening!  The play is about a little boy Jake and his best friend Jules who goes in search of mushrooms and fairies in the Autumn woods close to their home - They spot a lonely fairy, Light in the dark, and she leads the children to her magical world - Which is filled with season fairies, they love their seasonal Pixie dust tree, the season fairies has various talents which they show and sing about - This musical was light-hearted and loads of fun!

Enjoy the concert snapshots!

Decor & Table Setting

Our spectators!

Stage design

Our lead characters Jake & Jules

Our lead Fairy - Light

We were fortunate to have my brother play us the flute which beautifully accompanied the singing fairies!

The narrator & Principal

First up - The Spring Fairies

 Spring is a season filled with sweet scents of flowers in bloom, the Spring fairies direct the rays of sun to fall on the flower buds, they also call upon the rain.  

The Summer Fairies!

The Summer fairies blows a kiss on the blossoms of spring, these special air-kisses awaken the tiny fruits so that they can grow and flourish.  The Summer Fairies will now all flutter to gather the fruit from the forest trees, they place them in baskets and deliver it to the human world. 

The Autumn Fairies -

 The Autumn fairies calls upon the wind to bring the cold from the winter woods to the Fairy Dust tree they also paint the leaves of the forest trees in various shades of yellow and red.  

The Winter Fairies are rare, they have special tasks that no other fairies seem to master! They are able to write their names and could possibly read a few lines.  They also design snowflakes in the winter woods which they bring to the human world on their ride-on owls, so that everyone over here can have fresh drinking water! 

The Final Scenes

An awesome night with a super team!
See ya all next year ;-)

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