Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ghinga biscuits + Red Cappacino

I can still remember the days when I used to bake biscuits with my grandmother in her old school kitchen, I was around four years of age, the smell, the chats, the way I sat on the table puzzling similar cookies on another - Today I baked with Nana and my little girl, and it seemed like deja vu.
Hopeful that I made her proud today...
Tea for the two of us granny x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ek het jou opnuut gevind

Hubby found a few matured bottles of Tassies at the local
liquor store, covered in dust!  Who would have thought it would be as honey...
Aan Oom Koos -


ek wil vir jou 'n gewelhuisie bou
in die boland van my hart
met 'n peerboom in die tuin
en vaatjies wyn in die kombuis
en 'n tuinhekkie met krulle
en boekrakke met sartre.

ek wil vir jou 'n gewelhuisie bou
in my onderkaap van smart
met skepe in die hawe
en donssaad op die berg
en jy, in lewende lywe
op die stoep, in jou kombers
in die winterboland van my hart.

jy kom van 'n groot glaskasteel
met kandelare en wolkatte
en toffies toegedraai in bordjies
en poedels op plaveisel
jy's gewoond aan kaapse weer
jou tekkies is geparfumeer

maar ek wil vir jou my lewe gee
in die wit afdophuisie van my hart.

(A. Letoit. florauna)
A.P. Brink. 2000.  Groot Verseboek.  Tafelberg-Uitgewers. Kaapstad

Warmth for your soul

I have made this recipe a few times, and it still seems to be a hit with family and friends, and it is really easy to make!
A heart warmer on a misty-rainy West Coast afternoon...

Being somewhat of a rebel I usually change recipes - 
The original - Onthou kos

Check in tomorrow for our Ghinga biscuits!

Monday, 29 August 2011


Sunday Drive
Picnic with a Atlantic view
The Beach
We call it: Life

Blikkie Pizza

Saturday Lunch

Pizza served at Blikkie Pizzeria, Paternoster.  When Nikah was a mere six weeks old we bought a take away pizza there, so this little gem was due for another visit.  If you travel on the main road that leads past the Paternoster Hotel, into the first suburb ever build in town you'll find this Pizzeria on the left hand side primarily constructed out of corrugated iron.

It serves a wide variety of interesting Pizzas, our choice Ham, Mushrooms, Olives and Artichoke... And the view -  No Words!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Vida E

Our day trip to Cape Town included...
Goodbye Drinks - Caffe Latte and Chocolate Frio served at Vida E Cafe!
I figured this should be a tribute to our Snor City friends up North at Frikkie Awesome!

A few extra styles for you guys to suit up and comb! Go and check out their blog:

Little one rocking it out to the lyrics of Leonard Cohen - Skinny Jeans and leggings all included! Chao -

Tuesday, 23 August 2011



500ml flour
2.5ml salt
2 eggs
30ml water
2.5l milk
2.5ml salt
15ml sugar
15ml butter
cinnamon sugar

Melkkos is a proudly South African dish,
I wanted to try this recipe for quite some time
My father is visiting from the Free State and we have
decided to try it one rainy evening, mainly because I have never tried Melkkos in my life!

I divided the ingredients.

C.Kemp. Boerekos. 2010. LAPA Uitgewers. Singapoer

18 months of NIKAH

9 months inside me and today 9 months beside me
18 months of craziness 
unconditional love
laughter, happiness
and appreciation
You've changed our lives for the better
we love you more with every breath that we share
glory and praise to your Creator!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday Lunch - Welcome Dover Lamb Roast

Welcome Dover on our porch
Lamb Chops, seasoned with salt and black pepper
Fresh picked Rosemary sprigs
Potato Wedges drizzled with oil
Quartered Onions
Butternut roughly chopped add water and two Cinnamon sticks
Zucchini fingers stir-fried in a butter and Pesto Parmesan paste
We woke up to a stormy Sunday morning south Easter howling its way through the pine trees next to our mountain cottage.
We have decided to light the Welcome Dover on our canvas covered porch, Dover has become our new best friend; like the friend you meet ans suddenly you realise this "person" was the missing link to the best part of your existence.

You can snuggle up to Dover on a lonely day, when you feel sad and depressed, his warmth will radiate to feed your soul.  Dover will brew a steamy cup of coffee if he receives enough love and attention, he welcomes any veggies, roast or dough and smiles at every opportunity he gets to prepare a family feast...What more do you expect from a dear friend?

As the rain swept through the valley, the smell of slow-brewed coffee filled the air, with laughter and chats around Dover's feet-

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Remembering the Unknown Faces of France

St Malo
Pronounced 'Sa-Malo'
North Western Coast, France


St Malo

Louvre, Paris

A park in Paris

Friday, 19 August 2011


A little girls dream
This is one of the magnificent views from our new front porch!  Relocating to the West Coast, was a dream come true for the three of us, we had a few hiccups along the road... But it all came together perfectly as one can only expect the best form our Maker - 

I have no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best places on earth to raise a beautiful baby girl... Looking forward to share some of our experiences with you!


Springbok & Pofadder
Photos  Graham Newton

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tumbling Shoes

The Sleeping foot

The Hanging feet


The Crowd

Walking Child

The Graveyard

Wupperthal Handmade Leather Shoe Factory
Western Cape

beach day 1

Lambertsbay West Coast