Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday Lunch - Welcome Dover Lamb Roast

Welcome Dover on our porch
Lamb Chops, seasoned with salt and black pepper
Fresh picked Rosemary sprigs
Potato Wedges drizzled with oil
Quartered Onions
Butternut roughly chopped add water and two Cinnamon sticks
Zucchini fingers stir-fried in a butter and Pesto Parmesan paste
We woke up to a stormy Sunday morning south Easter howling its way through the pine trees next to our mountain cottage.
We have decided to light the Welcome Dover on our canvas covered porch, Dover has become our new best friend; like the friend you meet ans suddenly you realise this "person" was the missing link to the best part of your existence.

You can snuggle up to Dover on a lonely day, when you feel sad and depressed, his warmth will radiate to feed your soul.  Dover will brew a steamy cup of coffee if he receives enough love and attention, he welcomes any veggies, roast or dough and smiles at every opportunity he gets to prepare a family feast...What more do you expect from a dear friend?

As the rain swept through the valley, the smell of slow-brewed coffee filled the air, with laughter and chats around Dover's feet-

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