Monday, 14 January 2013

Handmade Wholesomeness

My mom, soon-to-be sister in law and I decided to give each other a recipe book for Christmas, it had to contain tried and tested recipes that we've assembled in the past or during the year!

This was our handmade version:

I've decided to make the books from scratch using a Pinterest tutorial.  It came in very handy!
The cover was a hand painted ink and bleach design. On the inside of the cover I decided to podge a interesting piece of fabric!

I've assembled fourty or so recipes, to include with a few extra pages to add your own during the year...

The bookmarks was a sheet of balsawood that I cut in rectangles, and from one cut a heart shape, and drawn a ink heart on the other...

Overall we wanted the book to have a handmade look and feel to it!


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