Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Trip down South Part I

The Anchorage  was our second stop on our mini road trip to the Eastern Cape... The first few nights we spend at relatives in Langebaan - It is set on a picturesque farm just outside Stillbay, along the Goukou River.

We chose the Self Catering option, to have more space for Nikah to enjoy.  Our room was perfectly situated with a breathtaking view of the river, we sat on our terrace well into the late hours of the night, soaking in the still waters and nightlife.  

I manage to sneak out at 6:30am to capture some of the farm jewels, (which includes a small vineyard, luscious vegetable patch, The Stables which are home to a few horses, a ginger cat, geese and a very handsome cock) and just spend a few minutes taking in all the awesome things that came our way in 2011!

If you find some time on your journey to who knows where, make sure you pop in at 
The Anchorage...
The service is spectacular, the scenery unbeaten, and the rooms, well 'our dearest' slept through the night in a unknown space! Now that's something to write home about-

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  1. we are completely blown away by the way you have captured our place and surroundings. The angles, the lighting, the text you have written. Everything is just so inviting. And something that we have not been able to capture or bring across in our website.

    Just brilliant.

    Thanks a mill and all the best for you.