Monday, 9 January 2012


We are back... Not 100% yet, but working on it!
Finding it really hard to sit down and do a post while everyone else is still in holiday mode -

We are not to keen on resolutions,
(cause they faded on the 1st) so we put a few thoughts together for interest sake only:)

1. Spend more time with our Creator; the best time of our day rather than the last few minutes - in nature meditating! We so easily take our blessings for granted, thats got to change!

2.  We will commence a training schedule on 1 Feb...

3.  Try to manage a blogging schedule, atleast 5 times a week, sounds about right! Hold thumbs for this one -

4.  Try something extraordinary around September! ssshhht!

5.  Start a herb garden ASAP

6.  Spend more time doodling -

7.  DIY projects: Renovate The honeymoon suite, for future guests
 Redo our kitchen counter
8.  Build our exterior washroom!  So that our little girl can upgrade from her sinkbad sessions... 

9.  Try to save money for a Karoo road trip!

10.  Work towards a plan travelling to Isreal in 2013...

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