Monday, 21 November 2011

A First Birthday

The past week I spent organizing our little
girls' first birthday bash...
She was so kind as to wake me every morning at 3:50am for her feed, and obviously mommy had to get up to prepare her 'big' day!
As Nikah was able to RHOAAR like a lion at the age of nine months we decided that the birthday party theme had to be influenced by animals.
Hence her LION Cake! That had the little faces covered in chocolate in seconds - 

On Saturday we invited her closest friends and relatives to join in the celebration, we had a scorcher at 38 degrees so it was inevitable that the drinks were going to flow and the pool came in handy - 

Laughter and chats filled the air, as we challenged every guest to draw her while playing with toys, you only had thirty seconds to come up with some sort of figure before your drawing was passed on to the next person, all the pictures will soon become a collage for her bedroom.  We also asked everyone to write her a little note, something that would grant her a successful future!

We are blessed with a healthy, joyful, magical girl -
We thank God for every moment that we are privileged to have her as our daughter, we know she will make Him proud in the days to come!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
We love you with every heartbeat!

The baking of the LION cake,cheese cake, biltong snacks, and drinks will follow soon - 

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