Thursday, 22 January 2015

Interior Revamp - Whale Coast Seafoods Hermanus

We were commissioned to help revamp the best local fresh seafood source in Hermanus!  Whoohoo!  Hanja and Leon (the young owners) took on the task all by themselves, spending a few extra hours in their outlet at night.

It was a graphic exploration! Our goal was to keep it White & FRESH, all as cost effective as possible.

To start it all off, we first did their delivery van rebrand, the first we've ever tried!

As well as some stationery and packaging stickers.

Another visual treat was the undercounter Infographic we got to design.  Explaining what they're so good at doing :-)

Here are some before and after snapshots!


Can you spot the difference?  At the time of our photo session, there were still a few ins-&-outs missing.  Hopefully they'll host a few guests for a grand bash and we can fill in the gaps.

These were a few custom designed prints we designed for a colour-pop behind their pay counter, all to be mounted in various sized white painted frames.

Thank you, Hanja & Leon for trusting us with this project so dear to your hearts!

PS. For those of you who would like to know:  Whale Coast Seafoods is situated in Adam street, Whale Park Unit 4, Hermanus.

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