Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Snapshots that I love

We've been REALLY slow on the blogging side the last couple of weeks!  Sorry about that... It has been quiet a emotional few - 

We were filled with sadness, loss of a loved one - We've been blessed with special moments shared between close family - We've been beyond excited, for the new adventures of other super relatives.  We squeezed in a holiday.  Had a really fantastic time catching up with a best friend - and to top it off the last three days was spent with the brother-in-law-wife-and blue-eyed-daughter, priceless. This weekend is going to be jam-packed with more family and friends!  Spare a thought for us!  In between all of this there is WORK,work,WORK, food, diapers, wine,  dishes!

Even more in LOVE!

'Can't wait for the rain to wash away the dirt from our faces'

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