Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Notebook T

 I've decided to make a Notebook T for our little lady,
fitting that it is Valentine's day and we need to spread some
Not to mention that The Notebook goes down so smoothly on a Valentine, when you add the dark chocolate and red wine! 

Got the idea here
We added our own twist!

What you'll:

A White t-shirt
Masking Tape
Red, Blue & Black Fabric Paint
A Paint brush
A sheet or two of paper

 Place the sheets of paper between the two layers of the t-shirt, to prevent the paint from soaking through to the reverse side.
Simply stick the t-shirt down to a flat surface, with the masking tape, in straight horizontal lines that would resemble the lines of a Notebook.
 Paint the blue stripes.  Wait for it to dry.  Then stick down the masking tape to paint the red vertical line on the left hand side of the t-shirt.  Paint the red line and wait for it to dry.
 Paint any other words or design with black paint on the Notebook T that you like!
Dress up someone as cute as this, wear it anywhere and spread the word!