Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Since we've moved to a rural area as it is called; 250km from the nearest city lights...

We fell in LOVE with internet shopping!

Now I know this is something that millions experimented with over the last decade, but for us: 'THIS WAS NEW!' 
Terribly exciting!

Our favourite shopping destinations includes:

We had phenomenal service at all of them, but our heart skip beats for the Yuppie Chef team!
Wow, their delivery speed is exceptional, and you get a handwritten thank you card, that wishes you all the best with your cooking!  Feeling very special at this moment!  We also love the wish list, lets you shop like the queen (we all love fantasy play right??)

If you haven't tried this because you live in da city, with all the magnifito shops consuming you... Give it your next click!

The ultimate bonus: You can do this in your PJ's in the whee ours of the morning, with a bucket of ice cream between your legs, when no one else is snooping around!

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