Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HEAT wave

Goodness were we glad to see the behind of yesterday!

I know everyone anywhere in the Cape is complaining about the heat! Let me just share our thought:

At 09:15 yesterday morning it was already 40 degrees in the sun!
Then at around 14:00 we measured 50 degrees on our front lawn!
At approximately 15:15 it was 49 degrees when hubby took Nana home!
When the clock hit 18:45, I hung my last washing for the day (I know, we had a power failure most of the day too) it was around 39 degrees on my front porch!
And at sunset, it dropped down to a cool 36 degrees!
Inside at bedtime the mercury dropped to about 28 degrees while the aircon was running at full speed!

Our little flower swam 4 times,(once in the sink), only ate food from the fridge that included ice lollies and walked around in her diaper for the most part of the day!

Shheesh, and we have not even met February yet!

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