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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Today we've had our first 'Possible' buyer...  The first in six months!  What a punch in the face, after our sole mandate expired - the master bedroom got its first splash of paint late yesterday afternoon,  the three of us camped out in the living room for two nights, much to our enjoyment of watching television backs resting against the wall, cosily tucked in the feathers.
The call came at eleven o'clock, we had to be ready at four!  Five hours of scrambling followed just for a mere two minutes of satisfaction, that is when the agent ran through the apartment, mentioning all the details the maybe-future-owners might be interested in.

Oh well, the end product, a sparkling clean, (all clutter stuffed away in cupboards) apartment for the weekend! HOORAY!


Freedom Day

What goes up must come down one day
or another

Where the Dwarfs Dance

Dancing seems to be something reminiscent of centuries ago,
dancing to the rhythm of a beating heart;
harmonious with the moving soul of the African bush
the beating drum, fluttering leaves, stumping feet
dusted with earth

Rusted bodies ache, as screws mend their broken bones
collected by the heap of owl dung
Fire, flames clapping hands, replacing the eternal light
of a endless day
the song of the night owl, echoing the dance to the black night
her wedding dress shining like the diamonds of the sky
the glow worm signs his disco light,
moths waltzing freely through candle light

Winter fills the evening breeze
winds of change came tapping down the pathway grass obeying every command
as raindrops announce their entry to the ball

Wielewaal Limpopo South Africa