Welcome to blackWEDDINGS, bet you thought;'What the hell is this?' Well, it is a part of our company that we wish to explore further... Our Karoo wedding was the start of it all - 

26 September 2011

Welcome to our Nieu-Bethesda wedding
This morning, two years ago, I woke up at five o'clock, with butterflies fluttering like never before,
to finalize the last details for our big day, that marked a adventure that will last a life time!  Since I started blogging I  felt urged to share this amazing day with you, but never found the right opportunity to do so, but alas today marks our anniversary, so I'll give it a go!

Enjoy some of our memories:

To achieve these results, we started planning 
seven months in advance - We were adamant to arrange everything ourselves, the venue, the decorating, all the details...
Every aspect were covered all the way from Pretoria!

Thus the start for our blackWEDDING avenue:
To achieve the desired look and feel in the Karoo we decided to model the entire concept, to produce drawings, that could be easily understood by the organizers.

This became a handy tool, and why not use it for your own wedding?

The idea is to plan every detail to the last string, add as much of it in the model, so that the final product can be seen weeks in advance of the wedding.  The couple are able to see the desired outcome before hand, and changes can easily be made.
Table arrangements are laid out - And the organizers are able to familiarize themselves with the design and needs of the client.

  A few of our drawings, to give you an idea:

See the resemblance?

We decided to add a name tag on each manikin to serve as the seat placements.  Every aspect of the design is drawn to scale; this makes it possible to see exactly how the table would be arranged, and how many detail is able to fit on it.  

These sketches made it easy for Hester and her crew on Ganora to make our dream day come true!

Photo credits:  lucinda du toit and francois botes

Dique & Olga
16 December 2010

Welcome to Dique & Olga's wedding - Olga was one of my bridesmaids, and a good friend since primary school - Their wedding:

As invites we've decided to make a custom designed website!
blackPEPPER designed the page layouts and Urban Trend took care of the site.

Olga's colour scheme was pale-lime green, warm grey and charcoal
Their ceremony and reception was held at Gecko Ridge

With the design we wanted to reflect elements that was going to form a part of this special day, to be the basis for our layout.
Proteas, the chapel at Gecko Ridge, the Sammy Marks Museum where they were going to be photographed - were used to frame the focal points of the design.

We worked closely with Olga and Dique, to help them realize their dream day, covering most of the detail.  The difference between Olga's wedding and ours was that their venue was a active functioning wedding destination, thus the table settings etc was covered by the venue itself.

The detail and the model:

blackPEPPER took care of the wedding stationary - 
All other printing details and the general table layouts.

Photo credits: Eugene Botes & Arline Photography

We wish you all the love and joy the Creator has to offer!

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