Saturday, 22 March 2014

Origami Flowers - Handmade for a Hermanus High School Dinner

So, we (my mom and I) have been commissioned to do the flower arrangements for the local High School grade twelve dinner a week ago... It was held at a restaurant called The Classroom, which has a formal interior but also touches of a traditional old school classroom, black boards, chalk, rulers etc.

We've been playing with the idea to make hand folded Origami Kusudama flowers form old telephone guides with the old traditional interactive fortune teller.  Which the learners could pick and play with during their evening.  We've designed our own template with general knowledge questions on the leaves, to encourage them to take note of their environment and world around them as their almost entering the adult realm ;) This was encouraged by a pencil with a small 'Pick me' flag on it.  No one was told to pick the flowers otherwise, so we thought it would be interesting to see their reactions!

Folding a 150 flowers!

We've designed a Afrikaans and English version of the fortune tellers - 


Our theme also focused on sustainability and recycling.  So we've used mayonnaise glass jars, filled it 1/3 with white sugar, wrapped a linen bow around it holding the pencil -

Let us know what you think - We had a blast!
If we could only inspire a few individuals to think outside the box, I think it was a job well done - 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

And then we moved

Before our furniture arrived from the farm, we spent a few hours in our new little house... Improntu photoshoot I guess!

Nikah 3 years 4 months old

My beautiful mother!

Khai 11 months old