Thursday, 28 July 2011

YEAH...SO we did it!

WELL...The poetry + wine posts have to get some attention! It has been a rough few weeks, finalizing the packaging with hubby having his hands full with design work, organizing the move, cleaning urgh...the list can go on forever.
I've managed to pack 5 boxes a day, with Little taking up most of my time still, breastfeeding, the occasional solids, playing, jumping some 'grass' timeI think it has been a tough few weeks for her as well, not knowing where all her favourite bears have disappeared to and seeing her room disintegrate to merely three white walls and the odd mustard one.  Her voice echoing in a two bedroom apartment, I mean WOW!

From today onwards our lives will profoundly change forever, and we are officially on holiday until next week Tuesday, thus more time for posts, candle lit dinners, orange sunsets and early bird winter   mornings snuggling that hour longer...

We have declared the Cafeblackpepper blog our new diary, and will update it frequently with all our new adventures!

Ah, before it slips my mind, I have to update our profile!...The apartment has been SOLD!!